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Welcome to Laura Yates Photography! So glad you could drop by!

Photo sessions with me are low-key. I want our session to be fun and relaxed. I like to balance each session with traditional images we all like to have and images that have a more photo journalistic approach. These are the images I live for, the images that accurately portray your family's unique personality and truly capture the moment.

I am a natural light photographer. What does that mean, you ask? It means that I prefer good natural light (from the sun) to create beautiful portraits. While I do have a small home studio and lighting system to create beautiful images indoors (a must-have for newborn sessions), I prefer the real thing. When do we get that good, natural, golden light? Weather permitting, shooting outside is best either within the two hours following sunrise or within two hours before sunset. Shooting mid-day is generally not a good idea as the sun is too high and creates a harsh light that casts shadows. The location of your session is completely up to you, although I don't mind offering some suggestions. Living on the coast, the beach is a natural choice, however, non-traditional spaces like a front porch or park are also great possibilities. If you prefer indoors, I may schedule some time before our session to view the location and study the light.

Most sessions will last from one to two hours. Sessions, with children especially, are not rushed and provide time for feedings, changes, or just to let your child explore. Newborns photograph best within the first two weeks of life while they're still curled up and sleepy. When planning a newborn session, please contact me before the birth of your child. Truly, the sooner we capture their newborn goodness, the better.

What to Wear
I can't stress enough- Clothing choices are extremely important to getting portraits you will love. Many people will ask me. "Laura, what do we wear?!" My typical response is: everyone doesn't need to wear the same thing, but everyone should coordinate. Layers are great and accessories such as scarves, jewelry, and hats can add some extra interest to your photos. I typically recommend looking at places like Old Navy where they tend to keep the same color schemes across all ages and genders. This makes it easy to have the entire family coordinate. It's always a good idea to lay out everyone's outfits together to make sure they compliment one another. Textures such as denim and khaki photograph well, especially for black and white photos. Bare skin is great for babies, but for older children and adults, showing a lot of skin can actually distract from the main focus- the eyes and smiles of your loved ones. If you're not sure what to wear, you can discuss options with Laura prior to your session. Another fantastic tool for inspiration is Pinterest! Check out some great ideas by clicking here!

Parent Participation
Parents are welcome to observe and help when needed. You know your child best - feel free to give me any insight to help capture their unique personality. Please keep in mind that depending on the age, children may be more cooperative and comfortable if the parents observe quietly or even step away.

Photo Release
I love and am proud of the images I capture, so I may use images from your session on my website/Facebook or to show as samples to clients. Therefore, you will be asked to sign a release form as part of the session. Please let me know if you do not feel comfortable with your images being shared.

Copyright Notice
In accordance with state and federal law, all images are copyrights of Laura Yates Photography. It is against copyright laws to download, copy, or scan and print any image. Thank you.