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About Me

Who I Am as an Artist- I am a lover of all things beautiful and unique. I'm constantly looking for ways to create. If I'm not taking photographs, there's a very good chance you'll find me in our garage painting something for the umpteenth time or re-arranging a room in my home while my husband quietly cries in a corner. Kidding. Kind of.

I'm a visual person. When it comes to art and design, I know what I like and what I want to create. It doesn't always translate right away, but lucky for me (and sad for my husband), I'm extremely stubborn. I refuse to give up until I get it right, until my vision comes to life. I've been accused of being a walking, talking oxymoron- I crave spontanaeity and change, but also routine and consistency. I adore light and airy, but sometimes I'm also a sucker for dark and moody. I like the comfort and timelessness of Traditional, but also the new and unusual of Modern. When it comes to art, I'm a gray area kind of girl. I don't like to be boxed into black and white and rules, rules rules. Rules schmules.When it comes to photography, specfically, I like to capture the unique beauty of my subject and often times, you have to break the rules and think outside the box to accomplish that.

Who I Am as a Person- I am a wife to the above-mentioned, extremely patient husband and a mother to two wild and beautiful little girls, one loud and curious baby boy, and the sweetest (and laziest) little dog alive.

I love to read. I have to fact-check basically everything (just ask my husband). I'm a coffee fanatic. I go to bed at night already looking forward to my coffee in the morning. I'm an extroverted introvert (there's the oxymoron thing again). While I thoroughly enjoy *most* human interaction, when it comes time to re-charge my batteries, I generally turn inward rather than outward. I believe that life is a precious gift and as humans and God's children, we all belong to one another. If we could get to a place where love and kindness preceeded all else, I think we'd be doing alright.

That's me in a nutshell. But a very small nutshell. "Me" is always expanding, stretching, changing.. so please, don't box me into any specific category. Nobody puts baby in a corner.